This is my first publication at Industryolog and ı want to mention about why ı am here and how ı came here. Many of us (students) experienced bad internships and ı was in that state. My internship was lasting  so bad. I want to new thing in my life. Everything made bored me. ı fulfilled my boredom with social media. When ı surfing at social medias, i saw Murat Bilginer’s publication.

“Do you want our teammates as blogger which want to learn and develop yourself with share ?

Actually it does not catch my attention. ı spent time by surfing at facebook. ı suspect from Murat doing subconscious 😀 I remembered someone is looking for a teammate. Then ı start to look for that Murat’s publication.After 30 minutes , ı found it and then ı applied to it. Our harmonised snergy made provide to these happy and succesful days.  

And now Lets talk about main matter of this publication. Industryolog is our product to serve  and we need to sale to you for reaching you. This site is not for profit but we try to reach people. This is kind of sale. I follow this article on example which is ındustryolog and ı want to share notes from conference about sale on Industryolog sites.

Let start significant points of Sale.



1 Know what your product is

Knowing your product’s vision and mission make huge contribution to your sale. Industryolog’s vision is that Trying to make contribution to Industral Engineers and People who interested in Software. Mission is also that producing quality context . Knowing these helps us about publicising our studies , where and how we share these studies so much. This situation provide us to reach target audience and helps us about getting nice feedback.

Let explain this with an example.Any kind of Software article which is shared at pages about industrial engineering get less attention but it will getting more attention when you share at pages about Software pages. That is the better way to getting more attention is knowing mission and vision of product. 


2 Get FeedBack

Asking some questions and getting feedback are important phenomenon at the end of the meeting for sales.For example , ” How do you think of this interview ? “. Reason that asking this question , give me a chance that ı recognize myself. Feedbacks , even if it was a bad meeting , provide opportunity to correct mistakes.

3 Know Your Customer

Who is our target audience? How do we reach them? Which platforms do we can use to reach them ?

For instance, if your product is for youngs, you can reach via social media. In that case , we should use the social media understandingly. 

There is better to place Jeff Bezos’ words ;

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000.”

4 Convincing


Milestone of Sale is Convincing. When you enter the phsychology of sale , you should not ignore these cases.

1 Creating response 

 It is an service for money which is given from customer. we provide to service to you in return of  money.  If you consider our product is Industryolog, we provide 40 people’s knowledge in return of one your knowledge. 

2 Privilige

In here , aim is to make realize that they have priority for us. Customer should realize that S/he is our choice between many candidate customers.Let explain with an example , we are looking for a money supporter for your  student community . Using this expression at meeting  is showing that you are principled student community. ” we are plannig to work with little number of money supporter.  This words tells to other side you have privilige for us. We want you. 

Minority is demanded.

You should see that word at special courses . ” Our courses is for 12 people.” .These words inspired to registration to course before getting full. If Murat use these words, applies would be different. ” We are looking for 10 teammates who want to learn and develop with sharing.

3 Domination 

I am talking about clamp down on customer. Arouse a feeling of talking to senior official. Let think about sale on phone. Saler said that “ ı am transferring you to miss Yücel who has experience with that matter.” Customer make oneself presentable in order to he is on the phone. S/he start to behave in respect. “ I am tranferring you to Büşra Yücel who has responsible from human resources processes. Then customer talking to you in respect.

4 Consistency

We can express this ; “Informing to customer clearly and certainly”. We must be certain when we talk to customer. Customer slow over us by saying “ı am busy now sorry “. You should ask when s/he will be suitable for conversation. I could call you again at 3 pm tomorrow. you should insist on her/ his . Use “I will call you at 3 pm next wednesday” instead “ı will call you again next week”. This makes easy for your sale. 

5 Liking

Liking in Sale is important for next meetings with this customer. If customer like your performance, s/he will buy something next time. How do we provide liking in sale ? At the end of the meeting, using these words suggest a chance for you. ” Thank you giving your time to me . This was good meeting on the behalf of me, ı hope you would enjoy this meeting.” Satisfied farewell is important.

6 Evidence of acceptance from public

When you present the product to customer,you should indicate to customer my brand is accepted from public. Product’s score is 4.6 out of 5. This state emphasize product’s likability from another users.  our product’s evidence of acceptance is site traffic, alexa grading, click numbers of articles. Our website is recommended by another websites. These are totaly evidence of acceptance of our product. 

I hope you will use these knowledge for your products..