In the sense of awareness, comes to our mind  to understand, to sense something, this is also the dictionary meaning. Is awareness limited only by these words?

The purpose of this article is to show you that awareness is a lifestyle rather than a concept.

Most of us keep our minds past or future, and we miss the moment we live. Sometimes  we become trapped in our thoughts, even if we do not want to, they turn around in our minds and they begin to direct us. These are the thoughts we have gained from our past experiences or from the concerns of the future, and we take a more prejudiced approach to what we have experienced by taking refuge behind them, and we can not feel the emotions that need to be taken as a result.


As you live the moment, you may come to mind free of all, to live irresponsibly, but that is not the real meaning. The Latin phrase known as “carpe diem” means to catch the moment, in other words to be aware of the time we are in, to try to catch the highest level of satisfaction without engaging in past and future troubles and our minds. The experience we have gained while experiencing memories also allows us to build our future.

Without judgment
In order to focus now,
Be able to collect your attention
(John Kabat-Zinn)


In order to be able to feel that we live in every sense of the moment; We must be aware of our own facts, the circle we live in, the family we belong to, the friends we choose, the realities of the country we live in, and we must accept them.

We should raise our awareness to accept a more balanced approach to the negative moments we live in our lives, and we must accept and not judge every moment of sadness or happiness.

Being able to realize our past, our future, and accepting ourselves as we are, opens up our ways of happiness. When we face bad events, it is time for us to hunt ourselves by saying “I must be strong”, but the person does not always have to be strong. What’s the big deal? What do I want? To manage ourselves in the light of their questions.

Our daily lives, the monotony that enters our lives, slowly removes us from the awareness of the present. Because our focus is on trying to save the day. We can take on a character that we are not, and when we are unaware, time flows. Then, when we look back, perhaps we can see that we have missed many opportunities.

I hope, you approach every moment  with greater awareness and catch that moment ..

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